Stability + Compassion

We are working to transform lives and see God at work in our city, in our work and in our world.  
Every individual, every family, every company and every organization we work with has a unique story. We are honored to do our part and build a network of support for a variety of services. 


Provide | We want to provide basic resources to those in need such as, clothes, food, and shelter. We host an annual clothing drive and gather clothing, jacket and shoe donations from individuals and churches. We have a family store on site and take donations year-round. Please check our current needs page to see what items we are currently collecting. 

We are grateful for the support of L&R Pallet customers that are getting involved by donating surplus goods. We receive donations of fresh produce that we share with the community, surplus mattresses from a local distribution center and we even received over 800 pairs of shoes to share with five different organizations in Denver.  This is what it means to partner and use our resources well! For more information about upcoming events and how you can get involved, please visit our Events page

Support | We also use our resources to encourage individuals and families access to professionals at no extra cost. We believe  in helping people make powerful connections and gain access to key resources. This includes but is not limited to financial coaches, substance misuse support, temporary housing assistance, mental health support and sliding-scale health clinics. Many people have the desire to improve their situation - we just help build the bridge. 

Workforce Development | We believe in the power of a good job. We understand that for many people who are unemployed or underemployed the barriers to gaining a good job can be overwhelming. Under One Roof helps people overcome barriers and work their way to self-sufficiency and stability through employment. We believe in the power of intentional hiring practices and job coaching to help individuals find out what success at work means for them. The power of a good job can increase confidence and develop skills needed to establish a work history, stay in a job, improve their income, and advance to economic self-sufficiency.  

We are honored to be part of the journey by helping individuals overcome barriers to gaining, maintaining and advancing at work. We believe that what is good for business can be good for people and we believe that what is good for people can be good for business.

Success should be broadened to include helping families move from instability to stability.
— The Pinkerton Papers, June 2016

Empower | We want to help people navigate their environment in order for them to thrive independently. We want to empower individuals and families by connecting them to community navigators. Community navigators give people a chance to explore opportunities in their local area and how they might become involved with more people, groups and activities. The goal is to help our neighbors access and understand the benefits and resources available in their community. This includes helping individuals Identify benefits and services they may qualify for. This process can be difficult and overwhelming, but when someone has support, they are empowered.  This service can save time, provide peace of mind and long-term stability. 

Educate | The more knowledge one gains, the more opportunities will open up to allow individuals to achieve better possibilities in career and personal growth. We will help individuals to be prepared and learn new skills. Education serves to unite and strengthen our country. We will provide help with further education opportunities, training and cost of materials. We have helped individuals and families access classes in English, citizenship preparation, life skills, job readiness, GED, technology and financial literacy.


Teach | Under One Roof will challenge other business owners and companies to implement care and compassion programs. We are passionate about walking alongside leaders through the process. We will encourage leaders to apply the gospel to their work and grow deeper to serve needs within their organizations or communities. This is the Kingdom Business model and we want to build a network of support. 

Workshops – Throughout the year, there are various events with ministry leaders around the country. These workshops are designed to help encourage and equip leaders on their Kingdom business journey.  For more information about upcoming events, please visit our Events page

Strategic Networking – Our relationships with Kingdom-minded leaders and coaches has uniquely positioned us to be able to connect you with other leaders. We would love to connect you with other Kingdom leaders!