International Partners

We believe in the power of partnerships that transcend language, culture and borders. We are part of a global community. Our International partnerships help to reach people all over the world and help to restore the lives of people living in poverty. Together, we are better.  



The vision of Lost Children is to provide stepping stones for orphans to grow into productive, successful men and women, full of love for God and others. Their focuses are on meeting basic needs of the children and the orphanages in which they reside. They believe that access to quality education and training will empower the young men and women they work with. Current projects are taking place in Comsas, Cusco,  Huacho and Lima. 



Motivated by the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment to love God and love our neighbor. Hope International helps families flourish through discipleship, biblically based training, savings services, and small loans equip men and women to unlock their potential.  Hope International believes families in poverty have the God-given talents and skills to provide for their families. What they don’t have is a lump sum of money to invest in their potential—by paying school fees, saving for the future, or investing in businesses.



Mariatu's Hope is committed to help the most vulnerable of people and communities in Sierra Leone while working with the Government to achieve sustainable development.  Mariatu's Hope realizes that this kind of meaningful development takes time and commitment. They stay actively connected to the communities they serve and help them achieve sustainability.  They have implemented 450+ water projects and 27 full WASH projects at schools. Through this work over 10,000 students now have safe water, proper sanitation and health and hygiene training. 



Peruvian Hearts encourages social, economic, and political change in Peru through the education and empowerment of young women.  Peruvian Hearts works to end poverty and gender inequality by educating young women and creating community leaders in Peru—one girl at a time. Peruvian-born Ana Dodson developed this nonprofit organization to enable young women to embrace education, believe in their own power, and dream of a life beyond the conditions into which they were born.